Phlox Flowers is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients’ data and system, as well as its own data and that of potential clients. The company publishes its privacy policy on this website and it is fully committed to its information security program.

Website Visitor Information

During the process of delivering our website content to you, we collect anonymous information about each visit to help us improve the website and to provide a better service. Our use of cookies is described in our privacy policy. Where we collect data about site visitors, it is not intended to be hidden or other than transparent; information such as device type, browser and IP address is information widely collected by most professional website administrators and this is kept as anonymous data – it is not used to profile visitors.

Voluntarily Provided Information

Where website visitors, or through other communication with us, information is provided to us voluntarily, we shall keep this information securely with your consent. Whenever your personal information is stored by us, you have the right to inspect it, correct it, transfer it to someone else, or request that we delete it permanently.

We do not sell or share personal or business information with any other organisation or person.

Customer Information

Information about our clients is stored securely to enable us to conduct business with, and for, our clients. Such information can only be stored with the consent of our clients and it is not retained after the cessation of services, in accordance with the terms and conditions of our services to clients.

Responsibility for Third Parties

Phlox Flowers is not responsible for the content of external websites, or for material published by other organisations to which we may refer.


All logos and trademarks on this site are property of their respective owner. All remaining content is copyright of Phlox Flowers.


Detailed Privacy Policy

You can download our detailed Privacy Policy at this link.